After 12 years and 100’s of happy clients, here are some of my favorite comments.

Julia did her job. We were pleasantly surprised considering past times we sold a home. Two things were screwed up but they were not her fault.

Our house was supposed to be the last house, but things change. We found a new house we really loved. Julia made the transition between selling and buying smooth so we were not gasping for financial air or anything. We will recommend her to anyone. She is a very nice person, too.

We changed courses several times on our search for the perfect beach house, but that didn’t seem to phase our agent, Julia Bassett, who amazingly knows about every beach in every town in Maine. Even small, secluded ones. Which ones get the best beach glass. Where the surfers go after a storm. Where the best beach bars are. And the one beach we ended up falling in love with. Thanks, Julia!!

By the time we closed on our new home, we had a new friend.

Our broker Julia tried to talk us out of buying the fixer-upper we found online. When she realized we were serious, she helped us find a great contractor, a lender, and even where to get old house parts!

Julia provided invaluable advice on the market, how much to pay, and gave us tips on how to win the feeding frenzy in Portland houses. My fiancé and I would still be going to open houses without her. We would recommend her to everyone, and already told friends and family how much she helped us as first time home buyers.

My wife and I put a lot of upgrades for our structure to make it use less fuel. Julia Bassett Schwerin was very proactive collecting data and presenting it to prospective buyers on the operating cost so we ended up getting a good price.

Our family home meant a lot to us but we couldn’t afford to keep it in the family after our Mom passed. Since we didn’t live near our home town, we relied on our realtor to tell us what it was worth and some things we could do to make it more attractive. Julia also gave us names of people to do the work. I know all of us siblings were not on the same page at first, but eventually we were all grateful Julia was working for us, and for Mom, too.

Our family wanted an investment property that paid most of the bills when none of us were using it. Julia made a spreadsheet on several places that we liked so we could make the best financial decision. That saved us a lot of time and anxiety. Julia is a smart broker to have on your team!

My wife heard about Julia through a co-worker when we were thinking about getting a place in Maine where the family could gather. She was very professional and gave us all our options without any pressure or hype, which really made us feel good about the whole process.

Both my husband and I are very concerned about the environment and reducing our carbon footprint so we wanted to find a realtor that could help us find an energy efficient home, which we couldn’t find. We ended up finding a perfect little farmhouse with a big barn for animals and room for a garden. Julia helped us with info on where to get a renovation loan, an energy audit, and rebates and tax credits on insulation and weatherization work we needed to do. While we still have more to do to reduce our energy use, I feel sure we wouldn’t have been able to do so much so soon without a green agent who cares about saving energy.